In 1970s I was given a second-hand Kodak cine camera which I cherished, I chose a Minolta x300 SLR in the 1980s which fuelled my interest in photography for many years to come, before opening a photographic studio in Loughborough in 1990s. In Cyprus my main interest has returned to the moving picture with the advances of the digital age making video an essential ingredient to any modern wedding. Today I use a variety of new cameras according to the situation, the Canon C100 of the Cinema Range being my current favourite. I attended a course on wedding videography at the School of Photography in Milford Haven before joining the UK Institute of Videography and passing exams in Cameracraft, Lighting, Audio, Post Production and Business & Legal. In 2012 I was awarded Master Membership for work submitted to a panel of judges.                                                                                            
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Civil Ceremony Marriage Vows - Cyprus
You …………… and ……………  know  that by your simultaneous consent which is given publicly and formally in my
presence and of the presence of the persons now here, accept each other as your lawful spouse and with the
confirmation of this fact  by your signature you contract a lawful marriage for all the purposes of civil law.
You should further know that your marriage cannot be dissolved during your lifetime except by a valid judgement  of  the
If either of you before the death of the other, contracts a marriage while this one remains un-dissolved you will be thereby
be guilty of bigamy and liable to the consequences provided by the law.
I call upon all persons here present to witness that I …….   accept you ……..   as my lawful spouse, to love and to share
with you, as from this day, moments of joy and sorrow, wealth and poverty, happiness and unhappiness, throughout our
life until death do separate us.
Optional text:
With this ring I thee wed, with my body I thee worship and with all my worldly goods I thee endow.
As from this moment I pronounce you man and wife. You are joined together by your free consent in matrimony and you
owe each other love, fidelity and respect  throughout your life. This marriage constitutes the fulfillment of your life and
links your destinies on good and rainy days, in happiness and unhappiness, in wealth and poverty, until death do
separate you.
On the basis of equality you should face together all the problems and all the difficulties of life.  Together you should
shoulder the burdens of life each one according to your capabilities. You both have the right and the obligation to take
care of the upbringing and education of your children so that they may become useful and good citizens and free
You may kiss the bride!
2 Cameramen to cover your wedding. Multi-camera coverage. Pre-wedding meeting - in person. Clear live audio. Unobtrusive presence. Full length video and a Highlights version. Full HD production. Polished steel USB drive. Postage with tracking. Pricing from €650
Nanette and Steven Thanks so much for the video, we love it! The music is fab and it captures the day perfectly! Aline and Leigh Weíve just watched the video and are both over the moon! Thank you so much for this, itís so much more than we could have hoped for. Thank you again for capturing our day and giving us the amazing memories! Adriana and Marinos We received the USB and watched the videos several times over the weekend with friends. Thank you so much for the lovely videos! Everything was captured and put in place perfectly. Weíre happy we chose you to film our wedding. We could finally see our first dance from beginning to end and the guestsí messages were such a great idea! Thank you for thinking of it! We will always remember our big day with joy and love.  Thanks to your video we will be able share this with our future children. Nicola and Kerris We were completely blown away by the video Jon! Both videos really couldnít be any more perfect. They completely exceeded our expectations and those were already amazing! Abby and James Weíve just watched the video and are both very emotional now! Thank you so much for all your hard work, youíve done a fantastic job and we know the day had many challenges for you. We love it and canít wait to share our Highlights now :) Claire and Craig We would just like to say that the videoís arrived and itís amazing!!!!! Thank you so much for capturing our memories in such a beautiful way!!! I canít tell you how many times weíve watched it already! LOL  Thank you so much. Kim and Greg The video has arrived - itís amazing. It brings back some great memories and bits we missed while caught up in the whirlwind! Thank you so much for pulling it all together - itís a great reminder of our special day. Alison and Chris We watched the video last night and we absolutely loved it. We are so so  happy with it - it made us want to have our day again. You captured everything perfectly and have done an amazing job!  Thank you so much. Kerry and Darren Thank you soooo much Jon! We love it! :)) xx Aston and Matthew Well, what can I say? We received our wedding video and itís absolutely beautiful! Thank you so much - itís amazing. Youíre very good at your job - Iíve watched it 6 times today and cried every time.  Thank you so much - we appreciate everything! Aliona and Adonis We watched our video last night and it was absolutely lovely! Our video was like a time machine that took us back in time. We saw our dear guests having so much fun - all those smiling faces will  remain in our memory. Thank you so much for capturing those special moments. Luisa and Christos THANK YOU SO SO MUCH for the amazing job you did for us! We couldnít be happier! I burst out in tears while watching it. You did such an amazing job - we are both very grateful that we chose you for our most special day! Thanks to you we now have the most beautiful gift that will remain with us for our lifetimeÖ. Ksenia and Max Itís just perfect!!!! Thank you so much! Hayley and Spencer Itís fantastic! Donna and Steve To say that we are delighted with our wedding video would be an understatement! We watched it numerous times over the weekend and each time notice something different about it that we love. You captured the mood of the day perfectly, it really does feel like we are re-living the day when we watch itÖ. You were totally unobtrusive all day and did a fantastic job, I cannot praise you enough! You are very talented individuals and very good at what you do. I would not hesitate in recommending you to family and friends should they get married in Cyprus. Natalie and Adrian Weíre both very happy with it! Thank you again. Victoria and Chris What can we say to express our delight? We cried all the way through it, just wishing we were back in Cyprus, in fact watching the video we felt like we were. It is more than we hoped for and you managed to capture every magical moment. Please feel free to put this email and our wonderful video on your website. Katie and Gary We were absolutely delighted when we sat down to watch our highlights and wedding day footage. Even though we had met Jon only once before the wedding he knew exactly what we wanted out of it and exactly what we liked and didnít like. Everything was perfect, he caught all the moments that are priceless and we are both over the moon! Initially when looking at photographers and videographers we were not too fussed about having live audio but now we are so glad we did; throughout all our wedding keepsakes this is by far the best thing we purchased. Highly recommended and keeps the best day of our lives fresh in our memories. Sabrina and Nick Just to say thank you very much for our wedding video. We received it yesterday and itís absolutely fantastic!!! We love it, and the music is great too! Thanks for all your hard work. Dima and Roudain We received our videos and would like to thank you for your amazing sense of professionalism and good taste. You really captured all the important moments without us even feeling your presence. I would not hesitate to highly recommend you. Linsey and John We have received the video and itís absolutely fantastic. We watched it as soon as it arrived and have already sent out copies to all the family. The day went so quickly and we are thankful of your time and effort spent composing this fantastic video, we will cherish this forever; there were even parts of the eveningthat we nothing of, which was lovely to watch. The quality of the footage and the music is absolutely beautifully put together and we love it, in fact everyone does so far, and we will certainly have no problem in recommending you to anyone who comes over to Cyprus for their wedding in the future. Gemma and Mario Just to let you know we watched the video over the weekend and we were both absolutely delighted with it! You captured the day so well and some of the extra touches in editing were really nice and added a lot to the video. The messages were a great idea, especially towards the end of the night once people had a bit of drink down them! Thanks also for the extra piece at the end, it was very funny and a great end to the video, even though it was at my expense!! Sophie and Chris We received our wedding video on Saturday and I canít tell you how happy Chris and I are; you have done such an amazing job of capturing one of the happiest days of our lives! I just canít thank you enough, I really canít. Everyone whoís seen the the video thinks itís wonderful, it had us all laughing and smiling, and the messages at the end made us cry, that really did top the video. Thank you for everything you have done in giving me something that Chris and I can treasure for ever. If ever we know anyone else who is getting married in Cyprus I will happily pass on your number with great pleasure. Linsey and Jason Honestly Jon, youíve done a great job and done us proud; our parents have now seen it and they all say the same. It was a pleasure to have you with us that day. We felt so relaxed, often forgetting that we were being filmed. Hopefully many others will have the same great memories you captured for us. You captured so many great memories that pass you by on the day, so it was fantastic to watch it through. After watching it with Jason and emailing you I have to watch it again! Jade and Aaron We received the video on Monday and we are absolutely over the moon with it! It is fantastic and really exceeded our expectations! We have already watched it about 10 times and love it more each time. We are really impressed! Linda and Zak Family members have all seen it, including my dad who said how brilliant it was. We want to say a big Thank You!! The video was lovelyÖ.excellent, also very emotional. We would recommend you to anyone! Thanks again.
on Goodman specialises in creating unique Cyprus wedding videos and covers all areas of Cyprus. Wedding videos are our speciality and we offer a professional wedding video service, with
professional advice on your big day. Your wedding is one of the most important days in your life. Remember every detail, relive your memories time after time with a personal wedding video in Cyprus.
At Jon Goodman Videography we try to capture every moment of your special day on the beautiful island of Cyprus. The result, a perfect Cyprus wedding video! Our passion for Cyprus wedding videos
is reflected in everything we do from our initial first meeting to your unique DVD. Creativity is a major aspect of our business - we are also known for our personal touch and for caring about our clients.
We truly believe in that special wedding video in Cyprus and in making it unique for you; preserving the memories of your special day.
Cyprus weddings - photography and video production
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