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Bookings are accepted only on the following Terms & Conditions
1.1 On payment of the booking fee you will be deemed to have read the terms and conditions. 1.2  You confirm that all information you provide is correct and accurate in all respects. Payment 2.1  We are not obliged to carry out any work until the agreed booking deposit has been received. 2.2  Payment of the balance must be paid on the date of the event or earlier. In the event that full payment has not been received we shall be under no obligation to carry out any further work and the deposit will be forfeited. 2.3  If you cancel this booking at any time prior to the event the deposit will be forfeited but no further sum will be payable by you. 2.4  The fee is based on the agreed time spent on location. If additional time is required for whatever reason a further charge will be  payable at the normal rate. Liability 3.1 In the event of being unable to attend the event for whatever reason every effort will be made to arrange alternative coverage. However, in such circumstances our liability to you will be limited to the sums that you have already paid in respect of the booking. We will be entitled to deduct any expenses paid to a third party. 3.2 Every effort will be made to ensure that all equipment is in good working order. Should a failure of equipment result in loss of coverage, be it audio or video, our liability will be limited to the sum paid by you. 3.3 Every reasonable effort will be made to capture all significant parts of the event, including the ceremony. We give no assurance that we will successfully record any particular part of the event and any such failure on our part does not give you the right to a refund. Recorded Media 4.1 Copyright of recorded media is vested with us. We reserve the right to show any part of our work to prospective clients but will not make any public broadcast without your prior permission. 4.2 Digital media will be stored for a period on one year. After this time we accept no responsibility to provide duplicate copies. Consent 5.1 It is assumed that all persons in attendance at your event give their permission to be filmed, unless you advise us to the contrary. 5.2 It is your responsibility to obtain consent from the owners of the venue for the filming of your event. 5.3 It is your responsibility to obtain consent for the use of any music used in the production of your video. Schedule and Quality 6.1 We will agree a schedule of contents with you though this schedule will not form part of any legal agreement. 6.2 We will assume that you accept the quality of the final video unless we are notified by you in writing within two weeks of receipt of your video. 6.3  Should you request any reasonable changes to be made to the completed video these will be carried out wherever practicable without charge. Any subsequent requests will be chargeable.
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